We are Molly, Jonathan and our two dogs Watson and Ziggy. We have been on a three year plan to sell our house and all of our stuff, and full time for at least a year.

We purchased our travel trailer, No-Name (work in progress), in January and our planning our first big trip for July & August 2016. The goal is to be full time in June of 2017.

We are starting this blog to connect with other full timers and RV folk and anyone willing to share their experience and suggestions to help us along our way. We hope you enjoy our passion for travel, food and music while we cook, eat and dance our way across the United States.

Molly is an inner-city high school math teacher for the past 4-5 years. Jonathan is a fine dining chef in a top hotel in the city. Watson is a terrier mix who loves prickly things and snuggling. Ziggy is a puppy, who likes to eat Molly’s shoes.