Sights: Acadia National Park – A Four Day Hiking Guide

Acadia. Where to begin. . .

Beautiful shorelines, waves crashing at the cliff’s edge, sunrises over mountain summits, hikes through forests and above the tree lines, epic views, an amazing five days.

On our first night, we parked at Sand Beach for the Ocean Path Trailhead. An easy hike, or more like a leisurely stroll, before sunset. The cliffs and views were unparalleled as we walked along the water. From this trail we passed Thunder Hole, which is something to behold on a choppy night a few hours before high tide, and Otter Cliffs, a ridiculously gorgeous rock facade.


Day two we headed for the popular Bubbles, two twin mountains resting above Jordan Pond. Unfortunately, we read the shuttle map incorrectly and got off at Bubble Pond – which is different than “The Bubbles” apparently. To reach our intended destination, Mount Pemetic stood in our way. So up and over we went. After scaling the 1248 foot mountain, we unintentionally found an amazing overlook.

Feeling really happy and confident, we headed down towards The Bubbles Trailhead. Immediately, our excitement vanished. The super steep half mile hike down proved very unfriendly for dogs. Ladders and iron rungs were placed to help humans grab a hold. Slowly and carefully, we lifted the dogs and passed them to each other down the rock ledges.

Luckily, the hike up the North and South Bubble Mountains proved less difficult than the previous accidental hike. The beautiful trail around Jordan Pond at the bottom finished the day on a high note.



We were surprised to learn Acadia Mountain is not that popular of a trail! Off on the Western or “Quiet Side” we hiked Somes Sound for our third day. Connecting the trails and climbing three mountains, we spent the entire day exploring Acadia.


Our final day, we woke up at 3:30 am to watch the sun rise over Cadillac Mountain. The highest elevation in Acadia, and the first spot the sun touches as it rises over the United States.

We then napped for two hours in the car.

At 8 am, we headed out for our last day of hiking. Everyone loves the Precipice and Beehive, but with dogs we learned our lesson to avoid all rungs and ladders. Fortunately, we learned we could summit the same mountains on the back side. Avoiding the sheer vertical climb that is Beehive and Precipice, we connected The Gorham Mountain Trail, The Bowl and The Champlain Mountain Trails.

Most of the Champlain Mountain Trails allowed for 360 degree view of ocean and beyond. Delicious blueberries covered the entire mountaintop, every two minutes we were snacking on wild Maine blueberries. In between Gorham and Champlain Mountain stands The Bowl, a mountain pond only accessible by foot, left behind by glacial melt. We took the detour through Cadillac Cliffs, one of our favorite side trails by far!

Seeing as we got such an early start to the day and not wanting our Acadia Adventure to end, we headed to The Historic Jordan Pond House for the famed tea and popovers.


We may have left Acadia, but Acadia will never leave us. We look forward to going back.


2 thoughts on “Sights: Acadia National Park – A Four Day Hiking Guide

  1. Wow!! What’s wonderful way to end your trip! Loved all thes photos! Sunrise was especially beautiful!


  2. I am so impressed! Love your story and the photos. Hope they sustain you for returning to work this fall, until the road calls again…

    Liked by 1 person

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