Sights: Boston Area – Fenway Park, Salem, Salisbury Beach, Harvard and Cambridge 

Leaving our friends and family after moochdocking in Rhinebeck, NY we set off for the Massachusetts coast and Boston area.

We were siked to be camping right on the ocean but when we pulled up so was half of Massachusetts. This campground was massive. Filled with RVs as far as the eye could see. Backing up was a real delight, as all neighbors had to move their cars so we could squeeze in. Again, so thankful for extension cords!!!

Part of the trip planning surrounded the Tigers playing at Fenway Park in Boston. To tire out the dogs, we spent the day on the beach – running, fetching, and digging.

Fenway Park is an iconic and historic ballpark. Famous for the infamous green monster, a giant wall in left field that will gobble up what should be a home run in any other park.

It was a great game, the Tigers won 4-2 and we saw Jose Iglesias defeat the green monster by hitting a towering home run. We also saw Big Papi shut down by the green monster too!

The next morning we did the beach again. I mean, it’s a two minute walk! Salisbury Beach is a giant sandy beach filled with people and ice cold water. Like, seriously, ice water.

That afternoon, we set off for history and haunting in Salem. We were expecting a town stuck in time, colonial reenactors reliving the past. Instead, we found an adorable city with shops and restaurants.

We learned with Salem Historical Tours that the witch trials are really a point of shame in Salem. So much so, that the neighboring Salem Village changed it’s name to Danvers in an attempt to disassociate from the atrocity.

Salem has a really nice memorial honoring the victims of the witch trials. If you visit, don’t miss reading about the symbolic entryway!

By the way, if you’re in Salem with the dogs head to The Village Tavern for a special doggy menu!

That evening we hunted ghosts, or at least attempted to! Traipsing through the city at night, we visited many haunted houses and cemeteries.

Do you see anything odd about the middle 2nd from left window??

We tried to go to Boston on Wednesday but were foiled by an afternoon Red Sox game. Absolutely no parking at any T station. So we just went back to the beach.

FYI: Dogs are allowed on the Boston Subway, the T, anytime but rush hour!


The next morning, we woke up, felt pretty good, no baseball games… we were going to make it to Boston!

We parked at the Alewife T station, loaded up the dogs and headed to Cambridge. We explored Harvard Yard and Harvard Square.

Back on the T, heading to Boston Common to walk the Freedom Trail, we get a phone call. The campground wanted to know why our camper was still parked there!?! 

We mixed up our days!!!! Being on vacation for a month apparently does something to your brain and we lost track of time!!

So we got off, took a pic, got right back on.


Boston seemed real cool! We’ll have to come back and do it right.

So we packed our camper up the fastest yet and drove off to Freeport, Maine!


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