Sights: Vermont – Grand Isle, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Mt. Mansfield . . .and Ice Cream!

Burlington is so close to Montreal, how could we not stop? So we did. In fact, we’ve been wanting to go to Burlington for a while. We’ve heard that this crunchy granola city was for us.

What we weren’t expecting were the beautiful views of the green mountains wherever you looked. The amazing sunsets and islands in Lake Champlain. And one of the best hikes of our lives. Vermont rocks.

We stayed in the popular but small Grand Isle State Park, an island in Lake Champlain. Great people, great water, great views.



We spent the evening walking on Church Street and along the waterfront in Burlington. This town is amazing! Every other store was an outdoor supplier, tons of restaurants, friendly people. Live music at every other bar and salsa dancing in the street. With a backdrop of mountains and the lake, it doesn’t get much more picturesque.

Our last full day we were advised by multiple people (hi Helana!) to hike Mount Mansfield via the Sunset Ridge trail at Underhill State Park.

Going up the mountain and seeing the moss covered trees and the steps made out of stone, it looked like scenes painted from a Tolkein story. The ice cold mountain springs felt revitalizing as we treked up to the highest peak in Vermont. The dogs refreshed in the water and the mud at every turn.

Once we got to the top, our boys fell asleep on each other in the shade. We ate our lunch and were left speechless by the 360 degree view of the green mountains.

Seven sweaty miles later, we returned back to the trailhead where we encountered four lost French Canadians. They had accidentally crossed to our side of the mountain and were trying to find their way back to the other side.

Only way – back up.
When we noticed the sandals on their feet and their lack of water, we decided to offer them a ride to their lodge resort in Stowe. We had an enjoyable drive around Mt. Mansfield talking about Montreal, Oka, and Vermont’s beauty.

After dropping off our new friends, we realized we were 20 minutes from Waterbury – where Ben & Jerry, the Ice Cream Gods, live!!!

To Ben & Jerry’s Factory we went!


And to top off our trip to Vermont, we experienced a crazy lightening storm on Grand Isle to lull us to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sights: Vermont – Grand Isle, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Mt. Mansfield . . .and Ice Cream!

  1. These photos are simply beautiful! I feel like I am right there with you!
    Love and miss you


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