Sights: How we saw Montreal in 8 hours

Step 1: Ask for help! People know things and we got awesome suggestions from our Instagram followers. (Shout out to @jeaninena for the great recommendations)

Step 2: Try to not to be a lazy bum and wake up a little earlier than us. (You could do more stuff!!). We stayed at the D’Oka National Park about 45 minutes away and woke up late. Oops!

Step 3: Head to Percy Walters off-leash dog park for a quick pit stop and play to keep your puppies happy. Park your car nearby.


Step 4: Walk to Saint Catherine street and do some shopping – we hit up the Roots store!

Step 5: Walk back to your car through McGill’s campus!! (So beautiful!)

Step 6: Drive to the cool Plateau. Park here. Stop at Fairmont Bagels – Montreal style, baked in a wood burning oven. They were awesome, really crispy on the outside and super chewy on the inside. Great bagel.


Step 7: Walk around The Plateau neighborhood. So many unique boutiques, salons, furniture, art and coffee shops. Then walk to La Banquise for poutine, they even have vegetarian and vegan!! Since we had our pups, we got it to-go and enjoyed the gravy soaked fries a park.

Step 8: Get back to your car and drive back towards McGill (we were too hungry to do this walk earlier and we had to move the car due to the parking time limit…so you could technically do this step earlier!). Park and start the trek up to the top of Mont Royal.

Did you know this is how Montreal got its name?! Cool, huh?

Take photos and if you’re in a rush, take the woodsy route back – so fast! (Damn 2 hour parking limits!)

Step 9: Back to that car again. This time we’re heading to Old Montreal. Park. Get out and stroll. The streets and buildings reminded us so much of Florence. This area definitely has an old European feel. You could eat dinner here at any one of the many restaurants, they all looked great! We didn’t. We made mac and cheese back at the campground. #ballin’onabudget

Definitely a whirlwind tour but we saw it all and loved the city. Worth a trip back, for sure.


5 thoughts on “Sights: How we saw Montreal in 8 hours

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! Always love the photos!!


  2. Love historical architecture! Looks like you had a blast. Are you from Canada?


    1. sightseatsandbeats August 9, 2016 — 4:21 pm

      Hi!!! Loved your blog! We are actually from Michigan originally, near Detroit. But we love Canada!


      1. If you are ever in Winnipeg let us know, we are in the last week of Folklarama. Incase your wondering what that is here is the website. Have a great day!


  3. Great photos, feel like we were there with you!!!!


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