Sights: Algonquin, Chutes, & Ottawa River in the rain!

After Marquette we were meeting Jonathan’s family near Algonquin, Ontario. The drive was too long for one single day so we broke it up by overnighting at Chutes Provincial Park, outside of Sudbury.

Silly us, we did not know that chutes means falls in French. This park had waterfalls behind our campsite!! A short trail took you to see three falls in total and a great view from the beach. They also had an enclosed dog area for Ziggy and Watson to play off leash. We highly recommend this park!!

The RVing lesson we learned at this site was have extension cords!!! The site was massive and we couldn’t reach the electrical outlet. On our way to the next stop, we picked up an extension cord and extra hose. (With a minor sewer hose debacle in Marquette and a fresh water hose situation in Detroit. We now have extensions for all three! Shout out to the boy scouts – always be prepared).

Then at Samuel De Champlain with the family, it was a good thing we got that extension power cord – we needed it!

NOTE: There will be fewer photos in this post due to the excessive amounts of rain. So. Much. Rain.

We rented canoes from Algonquin North – an awesome little company near the provincial park. They do complimentary canoe drop off and pick up!

We paired up and headed downstream on the Mattawa River. Everything was okay, the wind and the current were pushing us in the right direction. The dogs were chill and all was well.

We turned around to start back, the wind picked up and then came the rain. As we paddled hard upstream, we got soaking wet. Dogs shivering, miserable siblings shrieking. We zig zagged a slow path back to shore. It will be a while before we canoe again.

The rain couldn’t ruin the party, though. That evening the whole gang tie dyed shirts, socks, bandanas and even some underwear!

That night, we survived yet another round of thunderstorms. We woke up at 4:40 am to drive to OWL rafting for white water rapids.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.07.45 PM

The four kids and us had a blast, thunderdunking for hours and fighting the rapids. Until we lost, most of the raft (but Molly) flipped overboard and Jonathan had to collect up the siblings while fighting the white water. Then everyone (but Molly) jumped off some cliffs during snacktime.

We finished the rapids just in time for a thunder and lightening storm. Pulling offshore to seek shelter in the woods, we had to dance to fight the cold. Sound crazy? It was. But definitely a blast.


Half of the group parted ways the next day, leaving behind just The Pooler Clan.

We took a very short hike on the Wabashiki trail where Marley, Dan’s 11 year old black lab with bad knees, was having the time of his life. Jumping into the water for sticks, showing up little Ziggy who wouldn’t even get a toe wet!


Overall an awesome family vacation, despite the weather!


1 thought on “Sights: Algonquin, Chutes, & Ottawa River in the rain!

  1. Holy Cow!!! What an adventure!!


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