The first 24

It can only go uphill from here, right? Wait. Tammy (the truck) can’t handle going up that long. Wow, where to start . . .

We decided to leave Philadelphia a night early, hoping for less traffic and to make some headway for the 11 hour trek to Detroit. We did not realize that the highway would close all the lanes as soon as we got on. This sent us on a detour through Center City (downtown) Philadelphia with the trailer, fun.

After driving on some pretty narrow roads, we found the highway again. Alas, we didn’t remember to gas up. WHOOPS. We exited (again) only to find a very sleepy suburb where every gas station (five!!!) was closed.


It has been an hour at this point, and we’ve made it five miles from home. We found gas and headed out.

We spent our first night on the road in a PA turnpike service plaza parking lot. We loved it! Nonie is so comfortable and cozy. We slept in our bed and left early in the morning.

It was smooth sailing for six hours. Bliss. Happiness. Laughter. Music. Dancing.

THEN CLUNK. Down Tammy goes. We pull over. We have broken down on the Ohio turnpike (again).

Again you say? Yes. Again. Pretty much in the exact same spot 3 years ago. We were newly engaged and traveling back to Philly from visiting family in Michigan. Back then we had Maxxie, the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Who decided she wanted to break her water pump on the Ohio Turnpike. The same trooper who helped us 3 years ago – helped us yesterday!!!

Not sure what it is about us and the Ohio Turnpike, but perhaps this will be our last venture on it.

We luckily got a tow to a nearby Chevy dealer and commenced waiting. We couldn’t stay the night in Nonie because we had not filled our fresh water tank yet. Meaning, there was no water for a usable toilet. We were heading to Jonathan’s father’s house and didn’t need to be fully ready to camp yet.

To the Super 8 next door we go while Tammy got some work. Our young truck only had 1,662 miles on it – breaking down was definitely not in the plan.

Luckily, there was a beautiful Cleveland Metropark in walking distance. We decided to make lemonade out of these crazy lemons thrown our way and go for a hike.

At Mill Stream Run Reservation, we hiked some trails and met some awesome Midwestern kids. They played fetch with Ziggy and Watson for an hour.

Which was great – because we ended up being able to get into Tammy again! Back on the road by 7pm – day 2. Hopefully, the next 40 days will be as interesting, but in a totally different way.



4 thoughts on “The first 24

  1. Keep up those good nature’s!


  2. Being young and in love has its virtues!! Love you guys!!


  3. Making Lemonade out of lemons… your adventures will amaze and mystify. Thanks as your writing could almost be a screenplay.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. sightseatsandbeats July 5, 2016 — 2:31 am

      Haha thanks! How are your adventures coming along??


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