Welcome to Sights Eats and Beats

We have a  passion for travel, food and music, this blog will keep you up to date while we cook, eat and dance our way across the United States.


We are starting this blog to connect with other full timers, RV folk and anyone willing to share their experience and suggestions to help us along our way. We purchased our 19′ travel trailer, No-Name (work in progress), in January and our planning our first big trip for July & August 2016. The goal is to be full time in June of 2017.

We are Molly, Jonathan and our two dogs Watson and Ziggy. Over the past three years, we have desired to quit our jobs and live life on the road. We purchased a home to flip to finance the big trip. While we work on our house, we are now starting to work on our trailer. In June of 2017, we hope to head out on the road full time.

Molly has been teaching math for about 5 years in Philadelphia , while also adjuncting at nearby universities. Jonathan has been cooking for 10 years, and has found a recent home at a top fine dining restaurant in the city.  We grew up a mile away from each other in East Lansing, MI and became friends in high school. After a ten year friendship, we got married in 2014.


We rescued Watson in 2014, a terrier mix who resembles a Rottweiler puppy (from far away). He likes to cuddle under blankets and hide bones. He is very protective of his little brother Ziggy and doesn’t let other dogs pick on him too much. Loves hiking and the outdoors, and can’t wait to get on the road himself. Oh, and he’s also crazy about creeks.

Ziggy Stardust


We rescued Ziggy as an 8-week old pup in November of 2015. Ziggy is essentially Watson’s dog, following him through every room, all the time. Ziggy hasn’t gone on an official hike yet, but he loves long walks and the little trails nearby and is growing more brave with the creek every time. Ziggy’s favorite foods include paper products, dirt and shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sights Eats and Beats

  1. Love this blog especially the descriptions of Watson and Ziggy!!!


  2. A great blog!!! Loved reading it . It’s light and fun to read. Love the recipe and pics of dogs!!!!


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