Living Well doesn't mean gyms, diets, and fancy clothes.

We aim to live well through enjoying good food, using the earth as our playground, owning less - traveling more, and always following our happiness!

About Us

We are Molly, Jonathan and our two dogs Watson and Ziggy. In June 2018, we will be moving into our 19′ travel trailer named Nonie! This dream to own less and live big started four years ago and is finally happening!

We started this website to connect with future employers, other full timers, travelers, dreamers and anyone willing to share their experience and suggestions to help us along our way. We hope you enjoy our passion for travel, food and nature while we cook, eat and dance our way across the United States.

Molly loves yoga, chocolate and waterfalls. Jonathan loves street food, power tools, and nature. Watson is a terrier mix who loves prickly things and snuggling. Ziggy literally loves everything and everyone.





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